We are moving into wholesale only soon, as we ready our custom jewelry and loose gem lines. We are liquidating all Estate Jewelry and you may continue to buy loose gems until we make the transition. Afterwards our gems will be at standard retail, and wholesale ONLY to verified jewelry trade. Note - On orders over 1500.00 you must choose USPS Registered Mail Insured at checkout. We will not combine shipping on orders added on to after 24 hours of initial purchase. All orders will be shipped within 3 business days provided your purchase clears our bank or Pay-Pal etc. Insured items will require signature and ID when delivered except below 1500.00 orders.

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The reason we can underprice most jewelry stores is we deal with mine owners, mining agents and gem cutters direct. We work, while other's sleep.

Fewer hands touch your gems, and you become your own," middle-man." Our gem mounting partners give you the best pricing on mountings. 

Old fashioned advice is FREE, at Chateau Peridot.

We always notate any  heated, or treated gems, but our specialty is untreated gems.


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The Rarest Topaz, Russian Green

In mid 2018 Ezekiel (Zeke) Loftin purchased one of the rarest topaz on the planet. A flawless 80.90 carat, dichroic, Russian Imperial Green topaz, cut from rough discovered in the Old Imperial Mines of Russia. (above – The dichroic gem changes color, golden green in sun/candle light and a mint green in standard indoor light or … Continue reading The Rarest Topaz, Russian Green

A Blue Gem, Rarer Than Sapphire is Blowing Up!

High Quality, Blue Spinel rough is running low in Sri Lanka due to increased demand for one of the rarest blue gems on earth. Supplies of the quality rough gem cutters need to supply the jewelry trade is almost exhausted due to recent surges in demand for the once untreatable gem.  A gem that is … Continue reading A Blue Gem, Rarer Than Sapphire is Blowing Up!


"We had the art deco sapphire ring we bought appraised by our jeweler. He said the diamonds alone were worth what we paid for it and the sapphire appeared to be from Ceylon based on the color."

Sue Bennett

Chateau Peridot

(NOTE - Jewelry is vaulted off premises and pulled after sale or for specific fittings and design purposes. By appointment only.)

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