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We Stalk Exotic Gems

The reason we can underprice most jewelry stores is we deal with mine owners, mining agents and gem cutters direct. Fewer hands touch your gems and you become your own middleman. Our gem mounting teams give you jeweler pricing on mountings. We stay with you as long as needed.

Old fashioned advice is always free at Chateau Peridot and we will never sell you fake or fissure filled gems. We always notate any known heating, or treatment but our specialty is untreated gems.

We guarantee that our products are as described.

Hunting down your gem like James Bond.

A gem buy often begins with a phone call in the middle of the night, due to time zones. A miner or one of our agents has located a new discovery halfway around the world in a remote/dangerous area. The problem is they are unsure of exactly why these gems are showing colors never before seen in the market. First, our agents determine the gems are garnet and find no visible signs of treatment, or that someone had seeded the mine.

Harsh language and warnings are echoing over the phone; even between men who normally trust each other - controlled trust.

I am out of bed and checking bank balances, setting up an International wire as photos are arriving from Africa sent via a mobile phone by a man who is standing on top of his range rover trying to hang on to his satellite signal. The light is far from studio quality, but what I see coming in has me excited.

I give my buyers a number and they confront the sellers with an offer, which ignites a series of haggling that has been practiced for centuries. If a deal is reached my agents grab the largest, best colored and cleanest 'gem rough,' (rough rock, uncut) they can get and pay out the miners in cash. Usually before my agents make it down the mountain or across a desert to get back to an airport the money has been wired into their accounts. 

If all has gone well we have the gems in route to our receiving area before the rest of the world is aware of the new discovery and the best of the initial discovery is already headed to our cutters.

We call a week later for more of the rough. They have sold some gems but they are not finding much. Two years later another pocket is found in another area. Repeat process. This time we get even better rough and some of the gems are changing color in different light sources making them worth more but nobody knew this until they arrived and a dealer reported this. We pull the rough from the vaults. BINGO, color change garnets. This pocket mines out fast too. Now, they are gone for the most part and we are sitting on some of the finest, most beautiful garnet the world has ever produced and we will be cutting this gem soon for our customers.

In the meantime we are dealing with a tsavorite dealer in Africa and planning a major buy in Thailand so I have to go on a trip to meet our agents.

We hope you appreciate the gems we bring you. Why are the most beautiful things found in places whirling with danger and risk? All of our gems come with a story. Even if you do not hear it you can see it and feel it in the haunting beauty of a truly rare gem. What is more exciting than owning one of the most beautiful fragments of planet earth. Gems sometimes even fall from the sky, but that is another story.


"We had the art deco sapphire ring we bought appraised by our jeweler. He said the diamonds alone were worth what we paid for it and the sapphire appeared to be from Ceylon based on the color."

Sue Bennett

Chateau Peridot

(NOTE - Jewelry is vaulted off premises and pulled after sale. Not open to public.)

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