Mounting Wedding Gems Wholesale, Twice the Rings, Half the Money.

Imagine This beautiful, 18K yellow gold, anniversary ring mounting with VS, G+ diamonds and a custom matching wedding band mounted with one of our premium, colored gems. This is the way to save money and get 2-4 times the ring for less than half the price.

This flawless, rare 8.88 carat Burmese neon-green peridot if used in place of the main diamond will give you a $10,580.00+ wedding set for around 3999.00. An 8.88 carat G flawless diamond would be over 250,000.00. This peridot (photo below) is more rare than diamond. 

This peridot was hunted down and located in Thailand when purchased after being purchased and recut in Thailand by a top cutting house. It is flawless in clarity, square step cut and the stone alone would retail at 8880.00.

This stone (photo below,) mounted in the ring above would be stunning. The quality of this peridot exceeds or equals the quality of the peridot Cleopatra wore (and called her, "Evening Emeralds,") and peridot of this quality from Burma almost glows even in low light. We almost give away our mountings when you buy the stone. This is just one of the thousands of engagement and wedding sets we have to choose from in all price ranges. We can also offer you gems at wholesale pricing when you mount with us.


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