Jewelry Making Supplies Exotic Loose Gems and Cabochons

Jewelry Making Supplies, Exotic Loose Gems and Cabochons.

In this category we sell gemstones, mountings, tools and cabochons used to make custom jewelry such as sapphire, blue spinel, pink spinel, diamonds, pearls, rubellite, tourmaline, grandidierite, mookaite, garnet, zircon, jasper, turquoise, ruby, apatite, jadeite cora, testing tools, meters, scales, photographic supplies, loupes, gem testing tools, cleaning and polishing supplies, gem cutting tools, beading equipment etc. Silver wire for wrapping, antique mountings, beads and beading equipment, bench work tools, refractometers, diamond tester, gem testers, microscopes, gem lighting, camera equipment, bezeling tools.

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